This Is What Happens When You Shoot Maternity Close To The Due Date

So here is the scenario. One of my best friends, Vickie, was VERY pregnant and had barely taken any photos to document that time. She eventually asked me to take maternity pictures for her. Mind you she is awkward in front of a camera, doesn’t like her picture taken, and is also not very photogenic (it’s ok people she is beautiful in real life and this isn’t groundbreaking news). This would be my first time shooting anyone and I also proclaimed that I would never shoot maternity because i think it can get weird pretty quickly. Has anyone seen the horendis yet hilarious articles of such maternity pictures?

It is very like Vickie to throw me a curve ball so I was not surprised when we ended up in this scenario. We started with the basics in front of a window and then a studio set up. Then I wanted to make her a hippy pregnant lady so we threw her in a skirt put a shawl on her and a headband, all things she usually wears anyways. Then something magical happened. She opened her arm, backlit from the window lighting, and shadows from the shawl fell onto her belly and that is when the creative juices started flowing. I inaudibly told her to hold that position while we shot with what little sunlight was left. When the sun was gone we rigged her shawl onto a studio light like madwomen thus creative some shadows on herself and the background. She has since had her baby boy, Henry, and everyone is happy and healthy. Great endings all around. Also did I mention her water broke when I was sending her her pictures?


6 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When You Shoot Maternity Close To The Due Date”

  1. Tawney, you did a great job! She is always gorgeous and was absolutely glowing during her pregnancy! Thank you for doing these for her!!!!


  2. These are awesome. You did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for your time and capturing such beautiful photos of Victoria!


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