Hitched Bridal Shoot

I still have yet to figure out if I am wearing too many hats. I remember a time in college when I was speaking with a department store buyer telling her how I loved the idea of pretty much any career in the fashion industry. She suggested I really nail down exactly what I want to do instead of being so broad (which I found completely understandable). Forward a few years and I am doing wardrobe styling, hair, makeup, and now photography. Clearly I have yet to take her advice.

I have concluded that for now I really like wearing more than one hat. I feel like it keeps creativity alive and evolving. Am I hurting anyone by doing hair, makeup, wardrobe styling, photography, and dog walking? Ok so maybe I’m not a dog walker but that could be fun too. A few weeks ago I worked with my talented photographer friend Alex, some really great models, and the lovely girls from Hitched Bridal. The hat of choice for this shoot was hair and makeup. I can’t wait to see the finalized images Alex took. I highly suggest you check out Hitched Bridal Salon in Georgetown if you are looking for a beautiful and unique dress. I die for their dresses. Don’t get me started on the two piece sets and there was even an ostrich feather skirt… yes you heard me right. Anyways below are some sneak peak snaps I took on set of the girls hair and makeup.


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