Welcome To The “Real World”

Documenting important moments will always be a great privilege for me, but it’s even more special when you are close with the person on the other side of the lens. I had the honor of shooting Adwoa’s graduation photos. We have been friends for several years now and even worked together as bridal consultants.

Shooting her graduation photos really turned my wheels about post graduation. I started thinking about things I would have loved for someone to tell me post grad. It’s such a transition that I feel few people talk about. Recent grads this one is for you. I NEED to tell you something.

You will more than likely NOT have it all together right out of college. There is so much pressure to know exactly what you want to do and to have a 5 year plan to achieve it. If you think about the pressure that entails, it’s quite silly. If you know at the tender age of 20-21 what you want to do with the rest of your life that is awesome. If not, don’t be discouraged. Don’t rush your life, savor this time. Work a crap job just to save up to travel, take up a new hobby to get those creative juices flowing, start a pet rock collection… I don’t care what you do but don’t forget to do something that is fulfilling. You should be working hard to achieve your goals but taking time to simply enjoy life is also just as important. You may even find some of those life goals by taking time to marvel and explore.

So if I could give you one piece of advice that is it. Believe me I could give you more but I decided against ranting. This transition can be stressful but take time to enjoy the journey. Yuck, I hope that doesn’t sound too cheesy.

Adwoa is a good example of this. She will be pounding the pavement working on job hunting, but is first packing her bags and heading to Europe for two weeks. You go girl! Congratulations Adwoa and congratulations to all recent grads!!











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