Beach. White Shirts. Denim. Dogs. All American.

You know what I am coming to realize about photography? Having a good relationship with the people you work with is just as important as the actual pictures taken. This may seem obvious to you but it’s something I never had to think about prior to being a photographer. I would see someones style I like and assume that they were the photographer I needed. But no matter how beautiful someones photographic styling is if you don’t mesh well it’s not worth it. Being mindful of whether or not you feel comfortable and if there is a natural flow will more than likely give you an idea of how you will feel the day of shooting.

This family portrait session is one of those comfortable moments. Kristen approached me about doing family portraits as a Mother’s day gift. Seriously how sweet of an idea is that? Luckily we work together to a degree with beach weddings so we already knew each other. Her family was so down to earth and relaxed and it made what could have been a somewhat stagnant portrait session really fun. They were funny and didn’t take the portraits too seriously. There was even some sarcasm thrown around…. a match made in heaven in my opinion. Hopefully you can see the tone of how we were all feeling in the photos. Enjoy ❤



















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