Beminet & Seth’s Vow Renewal… and all the BABIES!!

I have always found vow renewals beautiful. Just the idea of two people taking the time to reconfirm their love and commitment to each other feels really special. It’s confirming commitment after the honeymoon phase is over. When you learn each others quirks for good or bad and say “Hey I like you, lets continue to spend the rest of our lives with each other”.

Beminet and Seth were my first vow renewal. They were so down to earth and relaxed. They have the most adorable little girl, Abigail. Think precision moments doll in real life. I continually had to remind myself that this was not their wedding. When Seth saw Beminet in her dress it was as though it was for the first time. When they said their vows to one another, again it was as though it was for the first time.

Also there were so many babies at the ceremony. Don’t get me started. I swear all attendants were prime baby makers because they had the cutest kids I have every seen. During my swooning over the couple I barely realized that all the sweet little children at the ceremony were crying. It’s like they planned it. It was synchronized. Nearly all of the guests including Seth and Beminent were parents so nobody thought twice about it and it ended up being quite comical. So please enjoy the lovely couple…. and also the babies*.


*I use the term babies interchangeable for any child under the age of 12





We may have had a slight challenge with the short attention spans
He was seriously the coolest


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