I have been dormant but Holy Matrimony is still in full swing, of course.

I am not a consistent¬†and frequent blogger but it feels so good to sit here and get back into the swing of things. My last post was written in the small corn field town of Parsonsburg and now I write from Crofton, right outside of Annapolis. No corn but still a small town. While my life takes a bit of a change something I remind myself of almost daily is that life is still going on no matter where I am.¬†Weddings are still happening. Babies have been born, loved ones have passed, but life doesn’t stop for either extreme. Maybe that sounds strange and a little morbid for a Monday…. but I need to keep a bigger and broader perspective on life as I make this transition. I spoke on that a bit in my last blog. Something cool I have found is that my bride and grooms have continued to remind me of the fact that life is bigger than my time transitioning from a relocation.

This is how: One of the beautiful things about marriage is that it marks a new moment in life. Two lives becoming one. Selflessness and consideration merge (hopefully). Seeing my brides and grooms display that kind of love and perspective, to say I put something, rather someone’s needs above mine, is really a great reminder. That kind of love is what I want at the forefront of my life and each wedding reminds me of that. Love transcends boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses. It’s loving your neighbor, that stranger that may be having a hard day, and that less than lovable person in your life.

I am thankful for my clients who have allowed me to document their love. They continue to teach me more than they will ever know! Please enjoy some photos from one of my latest weddings. Tammy and Joe were such a fun and loving couple. Here is a peek into their special day.Tammy_Joe_6_18_16_Unedited-7Tammy_Joe_6_18_16_Unedited-13Tammy_Joe_6_18_16_Unedited-11Tammy_Joe_6_18_16_Unedited-4Tammy_Joe_6_18_16_Unedited-131Tammy_Joe_6_18_16_Unedited-174Tammy_Joe_6_18_16_Unedited-182

Tammy and her bridesmaids had the prettiest crochet foot chains and really good toes to match… just saying
Tammy’s flower’s were to die for. They are so perfect I had to check if they were real!


Sweet Mama
We don’t all love weddings but hey I am not mad at him
I creeped on this sweet couple that were taking a stroll around the water


I took this once the arbor was dissembled. The last bit of sunset was peeking through and I thought it was so lovely.