Ready To Meet The Coolest Parents Ever?

I knew that I would not be the greatest, most life changing blogger when I made the decision to start a blog. I read so many tips and tricks to succeed as a blogger and decided to throw them out the window and do what felt right to me. While I have several weddings I still cannot wait to blog about I am going to go very out of order and fast forward to a shoot I did last month.

Lauren and John are truly two of the most wonderful people I know. Have you ever met really awesome people and then magic happens and they become even more amazing TOGETHER? That is Lauren and John in a nutshell. Both incredible but when you put them together they get even more awesome, if that is even possible. So my mind is blown by the fact that they are creating a life. Can anymore awesome fit into this world?

Their sweet baby boy will be very blessed to have such amazing parents. I am so so honored to share a few moments of this hilarious, loving couples journey to parenthood. Congratulations again Lauren and John you will be amazing!!


Seriously always laughing at each other. They are the best!


This is Baby Farrow’s first pair of shoes. How sweet are they?


This is Baby Farrow’s first teddy bear too! Lauren and John are diehard Disney fans and got this for him at Disney world.
Can’t wait!!