Cassidy Styled Shoot

Whether it is good or bad I learned how to use a camera and jumped right into wedding photography. I did my best friend’s maternity pictures and after that my first official shoot was a wedding as the main shooter.  I am so grateful to have stayed as busy as I did this year. Now that I have more downtime I am able to start doing some styled shooting. These would have been ideal to do while I was still learning how to shoot, to give myself practice before shooting weddings. But it wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t backwards.

It was so refreshing to be completely creative and just try to bring a vision to life. Cassidy was the model. She is beautiful but even better she has a personality to match. Although the photos are a bit moody we were goofing off all day. All of this was shot in one of downtown Salisbury’s parking garages. Our cars were our makeup and closet areas. I did her makeup while she sat in her car and then we threw clothing options around between what we both brought with us. Surely a site to see. Please enjoy a couple snaps from the day. I should have kept the number of images I am showing you to a bare minimum… for dramatic effect. Maybe next time. cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-24cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-47cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-36cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-63cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-65cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-57cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-53cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-54cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-72cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-77cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-86cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-118cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-124cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-121cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-132cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-135




What Word Other Than Thankful?

Thankfulness has especially been on my mind lately. In October I had an opportunity to go back to my alma mater in the beautiful Lynchburg Virginia. I was completely shocked by the overwhelming emotions that came with the visit. I found myself back at the start of an absolutely life changing time.

I stumbled on Liberty out of nowhere and only God could orchestrate the timing of everything. I remember the first time I visited Liberty. Me and my Mom were so excited. We thought the Liberty Monogram was the coolest thing, well we thought everything was cool (it doesn’t take much for us). I knew quickly that was where I was suppose to be. Fast forward a year later and my first day moving in there was a beautiful rainbow. I am not weird about signs but I thought it was so beautiful and appropriate. It was one of the first times I could somewhat comprehend what God was doing with my life. I know I can’t even begin to understand all that He is but it is amazing when you catch a glimpse of what He is piecing together. Without going into detail He had taken me out of a terrible home situation.

Fast forward even more to this October. I was driving to Liberty and I look over and I see the most beautiful double rainbow. It’s just funny some times how God works. It brought me back to the first day I moved in and saw a rainbow. When I arrived I was able to see some of my wonderful friends and see all the changes that have happened on campus. Before I went home I did an impromptu hike to the monogram. Mind you I was wearing skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and shoes that are not the best for hiking. I am glad I still went. Once I got to the top I couldn’t help but think about all that happened within my time there. All I had escaped from, healed from, and learned from. I also thought about how I had no clue that after college I would withstand even more heartache than before I first arrived. I wondered what kind of person I would be if I had not gone through those trials. I would never want to relieve them but I would not take them back. I would not be as strong if it was not for all I have been through.

Am I rambling again? Probably. What I gather from all of this is that I am unshakably thankful for the constant love, grace, and mercy of God. I am thankful that although I do not deserve Him, He still wants me. And even further He wants all of me, not just the best version of me. He gladly excepts the good and bad equally. He is good whether I am in the most broken place or the happiest. I am thankful He cares enough to orchestrate my life. I am definitely too private about my faith but I promise you if you know me, anything good in me if truly from the Lord. It is from what He has carried me though. I know no other words than endlessly thankful. Below are some quick snaps I took on my hike. Get excited, if you have never seen photos of foliage you are about to.

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus and give thanks.” -Colossians 3:17