Cassidy Styled Shoot

Whether it is good or bad I learned how to use a camera and jumped right into wedding photography. I did my best friend’s maternity pictures and after that my first official shoot was a wedding as the main shooter.  I am so grateful to have stayed as busy as I did this year. Now that I have more downtime I am able to start doing some styled shooting. These would have been ideal to do while I was still learning how to shoot, to give myself practice before shooting weddings. But it wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t backwards.

It was so refreshing to be completely creative and just try to bring a vision to life. Cassidy was the model. She is beautiful but even better she has a personality to match. Although the photos are a bit moody we were goofing off all day. All of this was shot in one of downtown Salisbury’s parking garages. Our cars were our makeup and closet areas. I did her makeup while she sat in her car and then we threw clothing options around between what we both brought with us. Surely a site to see. Please enjoy a couple snaps from the day. I should have kept the number of images I am showing you to a bare minimum… for dramatic effect. Maybe next time. cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-24cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-47cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-36cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-63cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-65cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-57cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-53cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-54cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-72cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-77cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-86cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-118cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-124cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-121cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-132cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-135




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