Is It Summer Yet?

We just arrived into 2017 and I am not trying to wish it away already… but I really don’t like the cold. So I may be dreaming of summer a week into the New Year. I had plans to do a blog post recapping 2016 and some of my favorite photographic moments, but my hatred for the cold got the best of me and I will share info for summer beach weddings instead.

The majority of my shoots are done with Barefoot Beach Bride. I would not have had so many opportunities last year if it wasn’t for Jodie Noonan, the owner of Barefoot Beach Bride. She makes the most beautiful beach set ups and always has new decor in the works. I have witnessed first hand the amount of time and care she puts into her weddings and clients. She is very thoughtful and goes above and beyond. I would also like to note that I asked her if I could blog about this, she did not ask me to promote Barefoot or herself. I just want to tell the world about her and her beautiful business. If you have interest in a beach wedding you can go to her website, and fill out a Contact Us form. Spots are filling up quickly! Below I have photos of some of last years set ups. She has a great variety of packages from super simple and intimate to setups for a large wedding.

Side note, obviously if you are interested in weddings with Barefoot I would love to shoot it! You can contact me at for more information. I am working on some exciting news to be shared in the next month or so. Stay tuned!




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