Craig & Christina

Am I the worst blogger ever? Yes, it is very possible. I still have weddings from last year that I have not blogged about. But the good news is it is the off season so I still have “new”content to share with you. Technically throw backs but not, all at the same time. I am going with that….

Anyways I am beyond excited to share with you a little bit of Craig and Christina’s day. I emotionally invest in each bride and groom’s day but Craig and  Christina were a whole other level. They only had eyes for each other. Truly celebrating coming together as husband and wife. Craig gave the most beautiful speech to Christina that I have ever heard. I brought nearly everyone to tears including me. He told a simple story of a night he came home from work and it was raining outside. He said he knew he loved Christina when she came outside to meet him with an umbrella. With tears in his eyes he said he was alone and cold and she cared enough to meet him. I don’t know if he meant to be metaphorical with his speech but it was so genuine.

Please enjoy a few (a billion) photos from Christina and Craig’s day.


This lovely lady did not want her photo taken. She allowed me to take one anyways and just looked at her husband. They were the cutest.
Such a beauty
Jodie told Craig that when he was nervous to just look out at the bay. He looked for a while before he could look at Christina




Craig made this “holy crap i’m married” face a lot throughout the day


The legendary speech
Christina lovingly listening to Craig’s words


Please also note the gorgeous sunset. I did not enhance those colors at all. It was a stunning sunset!
They tried to cut their cake and I would say it’s not their strong suit 🙂
I caught Craig staring at his ring like this
Backstory “And I am the sober one!” *prances off to the dance floor
I was about to pack up and asked Christina and Craig if there was anything else they wanted before I left. Christina said “just this”




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