Kelly Styled Shoot


There really is nothing new under the sun. The first time I saw a smoke bomb shoot I thought it was crazy cool. Shortly after I realized that everyone and their mom has done a smoke bomb shoot. None the less I wanted to do one too. Myself and two other photographers, shoutout to Alex Ashman Photography and Nate Bittinger Photography, came together to shoot and simply be creative. We have all worked with Kelly at our 9-5 for South Moon Under and she is a sweetheart. I am sure she felt like a bit of a guinea pig but I would say she handled it well. Please enjoy some photos from that day. P.S. also note that only a few blades of grass where harmed in the making of these photos, they did not die in vain.



This is slightly morbid looking but I don’t mind.


Behind the scenes shortly before a misshap. RIP patch of grass