It’s good to be back.

I am still a “baby” photographer, having just met my 1 year anniversary of shooting. The winter months were my off season filled with reflection, seeking areas to work on, learning, and hopefully overall growing for a new year. So when the time came last month to start shooting weddings again I became a little nervous. I shoot during the off season but there is nothing quite like shooting a wedding. I hoped that I was not rusty and the learning I had done could be put to use.

Sarah and Kamar are young and in love. They were so energetic and completely wore me out, in a good way! Everything was exciting and new for them and it was absolutely infectious. Congratulations to the Hawkins and enjoy a few snaps from their day!



Kelly Styled Shoot


There really is nothing new under the sun. The first time I saw a smoke bomb shoot I thought it was crazy cool. Shortly after I realized that everyone and their mom has done a smoke bomb shoot. None the less I wanted to do one too. Myself and two other photographers, shoutout to Alex Ashman Photography and Nate Bittinger Photography, came together to shoot and simply be creative. We have all worked with Kelly at our 9-5 for South Moon Under and she is a sweetheart. I am sure she felt like a bit of a guinea pig but I would say she handled it well. Please enjoy some photos from that day. P.S. also note that only a few blades of grass where harmed in the making of these photos, they did not die in vain.



This is slightly morbid looking but I don’t mind.


Behind the scenes shortly before a misshap. RIP patch of grass

Whitney & Rod Engagement Shoot

I can hardly believe that I am at the 1 year mark of picking up a camera! Within the year I have gone through so many firsts. It has been a year of learning and growing and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Earlier today I was thinking about how fitting it was that my first shoot of this new year had it’s own little first. I have done graduation and family portraits but no engagement shoots yet. Whitney and Rod were my first! I couldn’t have had a better couple to start the year off with.

I know Whitney from South Moon. I remember when it was announced in a meeting that she was engaged and she hopped up and down trying to contain herself. It was the cutest thing. Whitney told me she was fairly comfortable with having her photo taken but Rod would most likely be hesitant, a comment I hear more often than not! The day of it was so endearing to see Whitney lovingly help and encouraged Rod through the engagement shoot, and they did great! Whitney and Rod, congratulations and I hope this is a time of celebration for your big day!



Craig & Christina

Am I the worst blogger ever? Yes, it is very possible. I still have weddings from last year that I have not blogged about. But the good news is it is the off season so I still have “new”content to share with you. Technically throw backs but not, all at the same time. I am going with that….

Anyways I am beyond excited to share with you a little bit of Craig and Christina’s day. I emotionally invest in each bride and groom’s day but Craig and  Christina were a whole other level. They only had eyes for each other. Truly celebrating coming together as husband and wife. Craig gave the most beautiful speech to Christina that I have ever heard. I brought nearly everyone to tears including me. He told a simple story of a night he came home from work and it was raining outside. He said he knew he loved Christina when she came outside to meet him with an umbrella. With tears in his eyes he said he was alone and cold and she cared enough to meet him. I don’t know if he meant to be metaphorical with his speech but it was so genuine.

Please enjoy a few (a billion) photos from Christina and Craig’s day.


This lovely lady did not want her photo taken. She allowed me to take one anyways and just looked at her husband. They were the cutest.
Such a beauty
Jodie told Craig that when he was nervous to just look out at the bay. He looked for a while before he could look at Christina




Craig made this “holy crap i’m married” face a lot throughout the day


The legendary speech
Christina lovingly listening to Craig’s words


Please also note the gorgeous sunset. I did not enhance those colors at all. It was a stunning sunset!
They tried to cut their cake and I would say it’s not their strong suit 🙂
I caught Craig staring at his ring like this
Backstory “And I am the sober one!” *prances off to the dance floor
I was about to pack up and asked Christina and Craig if there was anything else they wanted before I left. Christina said “just this”




The Best Of 2016

There is something to be said about coming into a new year and looking back on the year before. If you are a planner like me you probably get the significance of that. I will jot down the stupidest things in my planner just so I can check them off. Cooked dinner, check. Showered, check. Woke up for work, check.

When I look back on 2016 it is so bitter sweet. Personally it was a pretty bad year with a lot of heartbreak. That is not to say it was all bad because professionally it was amazing. I am still under a year into photography and could not be happier with the experiences I have had so far. I am continuously learning, growing, and trying to challenge myself to become better. I am forever grateful for the moments I was able to capture last year and cannot wait to capture more. Thank you to everyone that allowed me to join you and document a piece of your lives. I am forever grateful. Below I am sharing some of my favorite memories.

P.S. These are simply my favorite moments I have been able to be a part of. I am not showcasing my best technical work. I can do that any other old time. Also some of these weddings I have not even blogged about. Yeah I think I should add being quicker to blog about my weddings to my New Years resolutions.

My first shoot. Naturally with my best friend.
I said I would never do maternity and of course maternity was my first shoot. Go figure.
My first wedding. It was a Persian ceremony!


My friend Alex Ashman did this shoot. I just took some quick snaps of the hair and makeup.
My first graduation shoot! Glad it was for such a great person 🙂


My first family portrait. Again, I was lucky to work with great people.


Trying to take photos with small antsy children. Hilarious, exciting, and exhausting.


This sweet girl was causally hanging out between her dad’s legs during their vow renewal.
When I first met him he wouldn’t let me take a picture. We are basically best friends now.
In memory Of Michelle’s Father


Shout out to the dabbing going on to the right


Michelle & Nick were a blast!


Who doesn’t love bubbles?


We don’t all love weddings but hey I am not mad at him
I creeped on this sweet couple as they were taking a stroll around the water
Tammy’s flower’s were gorgeous. They were so perfect I had to check if they were real!
The unposed, unplanned photos are the best. The light just looked beautiful on her.
The coolest parents EVER


How cute are they?


Crystal & Erik, what a good time 🙂
In honor of Michelle’s Father ❤
This was the scene all day, so much joy


Shawn had to look away


Look at how she looks at him!!!


Don’t they just look like trouble?
I was about to pack up and then these 3 generations were having a moment together. Of course I had to bring my camera back out
My first styled shoot. So glad it was with Cassidy!


Such a sweety
Stacy wanted to do a jumping picture. I snapped this when I was counting down.
When it was time to jump this is what actually happened
And the after math
OH MY GOSH. He was such a sweetheart
The girls were cold so they got creative with the fabric on their dresses


He loved the camera… if you couldn’t tell
Such a beauty
I can’t wait to blog about these two. A true love story.


They tried to cut their cake and I would say it’s not their strong suit 🙂





Is It Summer Yet?

We just arrived into 2017 and I am not trying to wish it away already… but I really don’t like the cold. So I may be dreaming of summer a week into the New Year. I had plans to do a blog post recapping 2016 and some of my favorite photographic moments, but my hatred for the cold got the best of me and I will share info for summer beach weddings instead.

The majority of my shoots are done with Barefoot Beach Bride. I would not have had so many opportunities last year if it wasn’t for Jodie Noonan, the owner of Barefoot Beach Bride. She makes the most beautiful beach set ups and always has new decor in the works. I have witnessed first hand the amount of time and care she puts into her weddings and clients. She is very thoughtful and goes above and beyond. I would also like to note that I asked her if I could blog about this, she did not ask me to promote Barefoot or herself. I just want to tell the world about her and her beautiful business. If you have interest in a beach wedding you can go to her website, and fill out a Contact Us form. Spots are filling up quickly! Below I have photos of some of last years set ups. She has a great variety of packages from super simple and intimate to setups for a large wedding.

Side note, obviously if you are interested in weddings with Barefoot I would love to shoot it! You can contact me at for more information. I am working on some exciting news to be shared in the next month or so. Stay tuned!




Cassidy Styled Shoot

Whether it is good or bad I learned how to use a camera and jumped right into wedding photography. I did my best friend’s maternity pictures and after that my first official shoot was a wedding as the main shooter.  I am so grateful to have stayed as busy as I did this year. Now that I have more downtime I am able to start doing some styled shooting. These would have been ideal to do while I was still learning how to shoot, to give myself practice before shooting weddings. But it wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t backwards.

It was so refreshing to be completely creative and just try to bring a vision to life. Cassidy was the model. She is beautiful but even better she has a personality to match. Although the photos are a bit moody we were goofing off all day. All of this was shot in one of downtown Salisbury’s parking garages. Our cars were our makeup and closet areas. I did her makeup while she sat in her car and then we threw clothing options around between what we both brought with us. Surely a site to see. Please enjoy a couple snaps from the day. I should have kept the number of images I am showing you to a bare minimum… for dramatic effect. Maybe next time. cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-24cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-47cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-36cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-63cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-65cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-57cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-53cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-54cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-72cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-77cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-86cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-118cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-124cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-121cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-132cassidy_styled_shoot_11_26_16-135